Three Quarters Fast Jazz Band

Jazz is a truly American art form enjoyed the world over”
     Welcome to my webpage. I'm so glad you stopped by. My name is Dave Washburn;  jazz clarinetist, entrepreneur and, thus far, survivor of the vicissitudes of life in Dallas,Texas. I lead a band of six jazz musicians called "Three Quarters Fast Jazz Band."  Our name suggests that, while we may not play fast at all times, we certainly are not to be confused with some "half fast" jazz band. (Say it quickly a few times)  And besides that I have never heard a band name that incorporated "three quarters" so maybe we enjoy some uniqueness, even if in name only. 
      We feature authentic New Orleans style traditional jazz, swing, dixieland.  We also play some early blues, a few country selections, Latin stylings, big band, Sinatra "croon tunes", Tony Bennett and you never know. You might hear anything from an Elvis tune to a chicken dance.  It is always lively, upbeat and a family friendly show.   We have played for restaurants, clubs, festivals, corporate/private events, many weddings, swing dances, Mardi Gras events and more. We are also available for jazz funerals.  For quieter, smaller settings like cocktails parties, pre-reception dinners etc. we change the configuration of the the band to a trio, quartet, or quintet, designed for your particular need. Much of the same music but softer for quieter, more intimate settings. In addition I also perform as a solo act for numerous seniors venues in the Dallas metroplex area, as well as filling in on clarinet for other area groups.

     Feel free to browse my site, listen to clips of music or follow links to other samples. If you have any questions or comments please share them.  And if you are planning an event please go the contact page and leave me a message. You can also view the calendar page to see what dates may be available. Keep in mind some dates maybe altered or cancelled so check for updated times. We can travel to your event depending on availability and budget considerations. You can also visit me and hear some music on facebook at "Dave Washburn's Three Quarters Fast Jazz Band"  or send me a message on facebook to David Washburn.

Dave Washburn


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